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Veronica R. yellow_rating_5
"At first, when I started to work out at the gym, I didn't really pay attention to my workouts. I didn't see any results. I thought that it didn't really matter what I did as long as I was doing some exercise. I was completely wrong and that's when I met my trainer, Bobbie, who educated me based on her exercises. I realized that when working out, you always have to change it up so you won't stay in your comfort zone. There won't be results if doing the same workout. There is no way I would have learned that on my own."

Olga R. yellow_rating_5
"I have known Bobbie for 3 years as her athletic trainee. One of Bobbie's goals as a personal trainer and fitness instructor is to have a Health Center that works at the next level, always challenging one to excel. Bobbie is my mentor and someone I can always depend on. Her personal commitment and expectations challenge her clients around her to do better and also to be hearty. She has never let me down and always gives me the extra praise during conditioning."

Sheila M. yellow_rating_5
"I have been attending training sessions with Bobbie Valkanas for over 4 years. In that time, she has helped me tremendously with my overall health. (In fact, when I went to the doctor last year, he said my body's age was four years younger than my actual age!!) These sessions were devised to incorporate the many levels of fitness so that I could reach the goals that I had set for myself. I have become stronger. I have increased my balance and endurance. I have strengthened my core. I have lost weight and body fat. Bobbie has also instructed me to understand the importance of form and technique so that I am capable of working out on my own without fear of injury. This is critical because the reason I started with her was to become educated in strength training and I needed her expertise. I was afraid I would hurt myself trying it on my own. Bobbie has also taught me about nutrition and supplements, which are obviously key factors in the overall health of the body and mind."

Jon E. yellow_rating_5
"I have been a fitness enthusiast for as long as I can remember. As a business professional, it is important to be informed on fitness and nutrition for physical and mental capacity in the business world. As of two months ago, I started a new training program with Bobbie Valkanas from Body By Bobbie, Inc. In the short time that I have been working with Bobbie, I know more about nutrition, core and fitness/strength training than I have in all the years of intense training and going to the gym. Body By Bobbie, Inc. takes on the approach of one-on-one training at an executive level like no other. The company also has new innovative technology like no other out in the fitness world."

Gilbert M. yellow_rating_5
"I started using Bobbie's training system about 7 years ago because I had lost the use of my right arm. I t took Bobbie only two years to return my right arm to normal use. Several Doctors tried for over 20 years without succeeding to repair my right arm, costing me thousands of dollars. Only Bobbie could do what other medical professionals could not."

Angela R. yellow_rating_5
"I have known Bobbie for about seven years and I am glad she is part of my life. Not only has she been an excellent trainer, she has also become a great friend. I am grateful for the knowledge she has provided me with regarding my health. I have learned a lot about my nutritional health and my physical health. Since I have started training with Bobbie, I have: lost weight, gained muscle, learned about food, quit smoking, gained confidence, but most importantly I have become a health conscience person."

Joy M. yellow_rating_5
"I was looking for something a little more challenging... I have been a regular student and have finally noticed changes in my body. Bobbie's approach and technique are a fresh change from the local gym where women and men are socializing, hooking up, and basically, taking up valuable time on the equipment. Bobbie's core group have developed close friendships. Bobbie not only instructs us on fitness and nutrition, she works with our children for their various athletic teams."

Sara C. yellow_rating_5
"It is with great pleasure that I express my gratitude and success since I began training with Bobbie. For many years, I have bounced around from gym to gym reaching no satisfaction or personal growth. I have experienced personal training through the following fitness clubs: 24hr Fitness, Bally's, Gold's Gym, Women's World, LA Fitness, and a couple other small fitness centers yet found no fulfillment in what I was seeking to accomplish. Through her experience and love for fitness, Bobbie has quenched my thirst of not only bettering my health, but shaping my body into what no other trainer had been able to accomplish."

Luci P. yellow_rating_5
"I have trained with Bobbie for one year. She is more than just a fitness trainer. She provides expertise in many areas that go beyond the gym. She has helped me so much in my nutrition and well being and has also given me a much more positive outlook on life. She not only is a qualified trainer but also is an exceptional motivator. I am not alone with my support of Bobbie Valkanas, she has many current clients both male and female, young and old who feel the same way."

Vicki V. yellow_rating_5
Bobbie has educated me regarding my entire lifestyle. What she taught me about how to eat exercise, manage stress, persevere, be assertive, and feel confident have prolonged my life and health quality beyond what I would ever had without her education.
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