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Nutritional Guidance Program

This is a full Nutritional Guidance Program that tells you down to the exact calorie of how much you should be eating based on your current body weight, your current body fat, your activity level and your goals... but not just how many calories you should eat, how many of those calories should be from protein, how many from carbohydrates and healthy fats. Plus we teach you a proprietary way to get this portion size without turning it into "rocket science" by counting calories and measuring everything every time you eat. We teach you how to implement a sound eating plan and ways to speed up your metabolism and "trick" your body into burning unwanted fat. You don't need to buy special shakes or expensive vitamins or join a MLM business. We teach you how to eat real, whole food that you buy in the grocery store and how to eat it to get in the best shape of your life!

Lets face it... nutrition is the key to actually SEEING the results you really want.


This program includes: 

A Full Nutritional Guidance Program for 12 weeks, Weekly Progress Meetings, Email Support, Body Fat & Linear Measurements to monitor your progress over 12 weeks

We have single rates, family rates, corporate rates, military, law enforcement and student discounts.  

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A comprehensive approach to nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes is needed in order to make your body healthy and fight against the toxins and pollutants in our water, air and food. While selecting the right types of food is important, it comes down to much more than eating properly; the following is also required to obtain optimal health:

• Adequate sleep
• Proper respiration
• Adequate water intake
• Recognition and avoidance of allergens
• Making lifestyle changes to reduce stress
• The correct type of exercise

Implementing your program
We begin by designing a carefully-chosen eating program that is right for you based upon your individual body type, current stress levels, and other factors that may be affected by your lifestyle. We’ll show you how to make the right food choices. We will also counsel you on water intake, the need for sleep, and how to use proper supplementation along with your exercise program.

Making the commitment
Everyone would like to improve their health. The answer is to take a structured and disciplined approach to proper eating and to make the necessary lifestyle changes. It requires hard work and dedication, and our job is to give you direction and then coach you towards your goals, working with you every step of the way. We are convinced that our approach, if followed diligently, can lead the way to better health and vitality. So take action and get moving!! Take the first step to a better, happier and healthier life!
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